ring sizing and size inclusivity

ring sizing and size inclusivity

One of the most important things to me in my art practice is that it stays art. I am committed to making each piece one of a kind, and if not that, very uniquely handmade. I do not like remaking designs very much. I get much more distracted every time I try to remake a piece, and it becomes something of its own. I view this as a benefit to my art practice. While custom work is some of my favorite to do, not everyone wants to or is able to come to me for custom work and getting a unique piece is such a special feeling!


Which brings us to the ring problem. Rings are my favorite jewelry, full stop. My favorite to wear, my favorite to make, my favorite to photograph, everything. But most folks I know don't know their ring sizes, and even more don't find their sizes online. Often mass produced rings only range from sizes 6 to 9. These are the most common sizes in the female market...until you think about it for more than one second and realize that those sizes are based on data from decades ago and now are just...what's available. Also, resizeable rings are not size inclusive. That's a hot take for another time. 

Traditional silversmithing does not allow for easy resizing, and makes it so that "uncommon" ring sizes are not often available. If you read my post on soft soldering, you know that this method allows for direct application of hot metal to stones and crystals. That means that even a finished ring can be easily resized without using taking the whole piece apart as you would need with a traditionally silversmithed piece (or using expensive materials to protect stones). I use this method for it's sculptural effect, earthy textures, and the exact reason that I can make one of a kind pieces that can be resized with no issue.

I can make pieces in any size when I am creating and have a resizing option for every size you could need. I can make a ring a size 7, but if someone needs a size 12 I will simply heat the metal, pop off the band, and put on a new one. This allows for literally anyone to be able to wear my artwork, and have a one of a kind piece that they buy ready to wear. I want to share my work with everyone, and exclude no one simply because they do not fit into the 1950's idea of "most common sizing." I offer sizes 1-18 as selectable options, or beyond if included in checkout notes.

If you have any questions, comments, or ideas about resizing and would like to share, please email me! I welcome letters to the editor *wink*

With love, Zoë

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