Welcome to Rare Mythos Jewelry! I’m Zoë, metalsmith/ceramicist/hair model/harbinger of chaos/vice president of marketing/artist in charge (sorta).

I’ve been a jewelry artist for over a decade, starting out under my gram’s tutelage in her pottery studio. I diverged for a hot minute to go to college for photography and printmaking, immediately coming back to jewelry post graduation and I’ve been in the industry every since (8 years!). I started my own jewelry brand in 2021, my little pandemic baby, and I've been on this thrilling ride ever since.

I am primarily self taught, especially in my ceramics practice! I fire all my ceramic components myself in a microwave kiln in my studio in San Diego. I do love traditional stones for jewelry but I feel like having my personal touch on every element of a Rare Mythos piece is part of what makes it beautiful and precious. I strive to be as self sufficient and sustainable in my art practice as possible, with minimal waste and carbon footprint. I only use secondhand stones and pearls if I do choose to include them, recycled brass and silver, and recyclable shipping materials. This is very important to me and how I make art! I do it because it makes me so happy, and it wouldn't if it was at the expense of the earth or its inhabitants. 

I like bugs, eyeballs, mushrooms, green, cats, gin, pinball, bass music, john waters, sewing, twin peaks, and cooking. I believe crafts are art and art is life. If any of this rocks with you, we will be friends. Glad to have you around!