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Do you do local pickup?

I have a studio in San Diego and local pickup can be arranged, but is not guaranteed. It must be discussed with me beforehand and preferably if we have met in person prior, like at a pop up or artist's market. Feel free to ask in any circumstance, but I reserve the right to deny pickup. Sometimes I am simply too busy, other times I'm nothing but free, baybee! If it works out, I will provide a discount code which will remove the cost of shipping, and we can arrange a time for you to come get your piece!

What is the tiffany technique?

The tiffany technique is a unique method of metalsmithing that is used in stained glass and jewelry. The solder is applied over burnished copper or brass, and is an alloy of tin and silver. Our solder contains no lead. It is a wonderfully flexible method of jewelrymaking that allows for greater creativity and sculptural elements. In my studio, it is used in tandem with traditional metalsmithing and sterling silver elements to create the perfect jewelry (in my humble opinion).

Do you do custom work?

I do! Custom pieces are some of my favorites to make. Shoot me an email through my contact page and let's chat! Certain pieces that are not resizable can be made custom for the same cost of the inspiration piece. Please refer to my shop policies page, linked above, for details. Let's make art together!

If you are interested in a remake of a previous design, I am committed to providing a similar if not equal price. I do not charge a custom fee in general unless you want exclusivity! In this case I charge 25% so you can have a truly one of a kind piece. 

Where do you source your materials?

I currently get my porcelain clay from Seattle Pottery Supply. All of my pearls are, at the moment, inherited and reclaimed secondhand. My chains are from a trusted ebay seller, which are manufactured in China. I use Canfield Silvergleem and Harris Sterling solders, Ruby Red flux, and Hakko soldering irons. If you have further questions about my materials and process feel free to reach out! But be warned, I love to talk about it so you might not be able to shut me up.

How do I find my ring size?

Excellent question! Click here for a video how to find your own ring size at home, or you can purchase a ring gauge online. Keep in mind that your fingers change size at different times depending on temperature or how you use your hands! You may have to change which finger you wear your rings throughout the day. Resizable rings are an excellent choice if you notice this often. 

Do you do wholesale?

I do not do traditional wholesale as most of my work is one of a kind and I do not have line sheets. If a shop is interested in carrying my pieces, we can discuss consignment or a range of styles made specifically for retail!

Brass turns my fingers green! Why?

This is totally normal and is not toxic! It is a result of the copper content leaving a layer onto your skin and oxidizing. All metal including silver and gold leave particles on your skin, copper just turns green when mixed with oxygen, just like the Statue of Liberty! 

However if this does bother you, I recommend a few thin coats of clear nail polish or top coat around the inside of your ring band. This will not damage your jewelry and can be reapplied as needed. I never use brass or copper with ear wires!