care guide

jewelry contains small parts. keep out of reach of children.


Water wears on jewelry quickly! Remove before washing your hands, showering, or swimming to extend the life of your piece. If water or sand gets inside your jewelry it can unset stones, scratch things, and generally wreak havoc. If your jewelry does get wet, dry it with a soft cloth and leave it somewhere airy to dry fully. It will forgive you!


Store out of direct sunlight! Please I am begging you! This is the most important factor to your jewelry maintaining its look, and this applies to any quality of jewelry. Keep it somewhere dark, dry, ideally in its own bag to prevent scratches or tangling! Sun can bleach stones, oxidize metal, and generally make stuff dull and unpretty. We love her but the sun is a cruel b sometimes.

If the metal of your piece develops a layer of whitish or grayish oxidation, you can remove this easily with a polishing cloth. 


Stones, glass, and ceramics are not as hard as you think. If you want to love your piece for a lifetime, avoid wearing during rigorous activities or sporty stuff! Cracks are no fun in our beloved jewels. 

Regular polishing will keep your piece bright and looking brand new, baby. Sunshine polishing cloths are available online and are the top tier for polishing metal of any kind. 

If your piece has a patina (an oxidizing layer which darkens the metal and adds depth, also known as antiquing or tarnishing), the look of your piece is subject to change with time! As a patina only affects the top layer of the metal, it will rub off with wear and settle into the texture of your piece. However, infrequently worn pieces may develop a darker patina on their own! This is a benefit to the wonderful world of jewelry, as the pieces change and shine differently throughout time, just as we do as people. 


Please do not use harsh soaps, chemicals, or ultrasonic cleaners on your Rare Mythos jewelry. Much of the pieces contain soft metals and ceramics which have not been tested against harsh cleaners. To deep clean your piece if needed, use a soft toothbrush and a mild soap like castile soap or hand soap. Dry thoroughly with a soft cloth and let rest. Ceramic pieces may absorb some water so allow it an overnight to dry fully. 

if anything happens to your piece, let's talk!